Emilio Takas Sigma Europe Speaker 2023

Our Head of SEO is going to his thoughts on SEO

Emilio Takas is a featured speaker

Malta is the chosen host city for one of the most prestigious events in the world of digital marketing and technology, the Sigma Europe Summit 2023.
Scheduled to unfold from the 13th to the 17th of November, the Sigma Europe Summit is a gathering of about 250 expert speakers. Emilio Takas, our Head of SEO at Kingbet Media, is one of the esteemed guests.

“Use of AI to increase your SEO performance”

On the very first day of the Summit, the 14th of November, Emilio will be discussing on the “Use of AI to increase your SEO performance”, along with Ivana Flynn, Julia Logan and Wesley Kock. This game-chaninging speak offers a sneak peak into the world of AI-driven SEO and some of our cutting-edge strategies used at Kingbet Media.

Seize the opportunity!

If you’re present at the summit, join Emilio’s speach. Our Head Of SEO is looking forward to connecting, sharing, and learning with all the amazing attendees.