Kingbet is shortlisted for two iGB Affiliate Awards in London

Kingbet has successfully made it to the final round of the iGB Awards 2024, which will take place on the 8th of February at Troxy, London.

Our dedication to innovation and high-quality services is being recognized, as Kingbet Media has been nominated for two prestigious categories: Innovator of the Year and Best Streaming Affiliate.

Nominated as Innovator Of The Years iGB Affiliate Awards 2024

The “Innovator Of The Year” category acknowledges companies that attract the industry’s attention with their pioneering ideas, technological innovations and exceptional performance. Kingbet is always paying attention to providing an advanced platform design and continuous service enhancements.

We are committed to creating engaging content and bringing fresh and valuable experiences to our users, such as:

Livescores: We’ve incorporated livescores into our platform, aiming to provide our users with real-time updates on a vast variety of sports events. The use of this feature keeps our users engaged and allows them always to stay informed, enhancing their overall experience.

Betting Live Streams: Adding to the livescores experience, this new feature of sports betting has already gained significant attention and engagement from our users. Betting Live Streams allow our audience to watch the real-time action, providing a wholesome interactive betting experience

Interactive Content: In Kingbet, we are focused on constantly creating interactive and engaging content that goes beyond traditional affiliate marketing. We aim to provide our users with an informative, fun and interactive platform, one that consists of infographics, quizzes, and content that encourages user participation and feedback

Nominated as Best Streaming Affiliate iGB Affiliate Awards 2024

In the “Best Streaming Affiliate” category, the companies are rewarded for their excellence in collaborative streaming. Kingbet found its way to being shortlisted because of our dynamic approach to delivering high-quality content in streaming. Our priority is to enhance user experience, resulting in successfully promoting our affiliates.

Kingbet sets the trend in Greece for pioneering live streams and shows, an innovation that didn’t go unnoticed. Our significant influence in the Greek market and the way our strategies set the path for industry standards and practices show Kingbet’s impact on the affiliate market. 

For instance, “MAK & TSOUVI WATCHPARTY,” a captivating two-hour show where Alexandros Tsouvelas and Makis Papasimakopoulos provide unique live commentary on major matches. The show offers a new aspect of match analysis.

Moreover, “King Live Betting,” our new daily YouTube show featuring Thanasis Kylonis, one of Greece’s most prestigious tipsters, is produced in our studios every day. This show presents the most crucial football games of the day, aiming to boost user engagement and brand awareness. We are happy to accomplish projects that consistently surpass industry standards, prioritizing quality and innovation.

Kingbet’s YouTube channel is constantly growing, meeting our partners’ needs and providing an infotainment approach for our viewers. The channel has surpassed 100.000 subscribers and continues to grow through new projects and faces.

The Kingbetmedia team feels extremely honored for the nomination of these significant international awards. As a team, we would like to express our gratitude to all of our supporters and the people who worked hard for our success. Your loyalty is encouraging us to continue providing high-quality services and innovative solutions.

The best is yet to come.
See you in Troxy, London!